IT Services


Business Process Mapping

In today’s competitive business environment, the focus on optimising operations efficiency is greater than before. Inefficiencies in cost management and business processes can lead to higher overheads and lower performance levels, which inevitably hinder growth and sustainability.

Business process mapping is the strategic analysis of identifying and creating a detailed visual depiction of your company’s operations with the aim of recognising inefficiencies. A dynamic visual mapping of your entire business often makes it simpler to highlight breakdowns and realign operational systems for better efficiency.

At AITEK, we provide you with advanced and sophisticated business process mapping services to help identify both your company’s issues and best practice so you can implement new solutions to support your bottom line.

Corporate Training

As the bar for staying competitive in any industry is on the rise, companies need to enrich their human capital to remain on the competitive edge.

AITEK provides a broad range of well-designed, bespoke training programmes to cater to business organisations with varying training needs. With an accredited team of professional corporate trainers, we are committed to delivering solutions that are relevant to the dynamic changes in the business world. We ensure that all training translates into tangible results, such as increased productivity, higher workplace enthusiasm, improved job performance and greater staff retention.

Regardless of scale, our corporate training programs are specially tailored for companies of all sizes to meet any business challenges and dynamically transforming your workforce to handle market changes.


Application Production / Application Development & Integration

he technology landscape is perpetuallychanging, and more businesses are looking at bespoke solutions to stay ahead of the competition, lower overheads and improve operational efficiencies. At AITEK, we help transform your business process through technology, providing you with better engagement with your customers and employees.

Our expert IT engineers stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies to develop innovative applications to fulfil your unique requirements. Whether you wish to implement an enterprise cloud strategy or develop the next award-winning app, our team can build systems to cater to all diverse business models and specific processes. If your organisation has existing systems, AITEK is also able to help integrate them seamlessly with newly developed business systems.

Help Desk Support

Facing technical problems can be highly frustrating to end users, so having an efficient help desk is imperative to businesses both internally and externally. Having an in-house department team is costly so most companies outsource their help desk support to external providers. At AITEK, we provide your customers with 24/7, single point of contact for all their IT-related issues via a multitude of communication options, including phone, email, chat or other self-service functions through our user-friendly portal.

All our helpdesk agents are highly qualified and knowledgeable with all IT requests. With frequent refresher training and seminars, our agents can provide expert assistance to help your users resolve issues swiftly and efficiently.