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Training and Recruitment Services


AITEK’s Interim staffing service is an ideal solution for clients seeking experienced executives to fill in on critical skill gaps or contract projects urgently while keeping overheads low and maximising work efficiency. With a rise in executives opting for more freelance and exciting contract projects, more companies are embracing interim executives along with its vast array of benefits.

Interim executives may be a short-term solution for our clients, but here at AITEK, all our candidates are invaluable assets repeatedly hired by our clients for fast-paced assignments. To maintain the highest standards in our talent pool, our professional recruitment teams specially handpick candidates with impressive track record of achievements, extensive business experience and specialised skill sets from their respective industries. They are capable of understanding the intricacies of every project and integrate seamlessly into different company’s work culture, which proves to be indispensable to our clients in times of transition.

Our end-to-end contract staffing services ensure that all administrative and logistic requirements are fulfilled, streamlining and simplifying the entire recruitment process for our clients. Along with our vast network in virtually every industry, AITEK is perfectly positioned to provide you with bespoke solutions to support contingent projects of any size or timeline with our vast pool of both local and global talents.


The cost of a prolonged vacancy, undesirable hire or even a mediocre hire may be a substantial hindrance to a firm’s progress. Here at AITEK, our permanent recruitment operations add value to your bottom line by filling your vacancies with top-tiered candidates of the highest calibre within a short time.

Before we seek out your next game-changing employee, we work closely with you to fully understand your corporate strategy, goals, work environment and identify the key traits your ideal talent should possess. Our team of expert consultants will then utilise their in-depth knowledge and advanced strategy to match an outstanding candidate to the role.

Specially developed by our in-house R&D team, our sophisticated selection methodology goes beyond traditional methods to ensure thorough screening and maintaining a crème de la crème talent pool. Through unique performer profiling, detailed assignment briefing, comprehensive interviews, psychometric tests and extensive reference checks, we are able to narrow down to the best available candidates to fill the pivotal roles.


In this era of constant and rapid change, life-long employment is no longer applicable in the workforce. AITEK believes that employees need to work towards achieving life-long employability through regular upgrading courses and maintaining relevance to changing times and market demands.

With years of experience in the recruitment field, AITEK has forged valuable partnerships with leading training and skill development centres across a wide array of industries. Through these career-training collaborations, we are able to provide unique educational solutions to give our clients a competitive edge as well as maintaining high employee retention. Our educational and training services are applicable for both staff and employers from all walks of life, reaping benefits such as securing better employment terms and maximising work productivity.

AITEK also provide personalised career consultation services, such as one-to-one career advice, skill upgrading tips and other imperative talks on career management. Whether you are a job seeker looking to improve your employment chances, or an employer aiming to upgrade your team’s capability, AITEK is committed to assisting you to achieve your goals.

With a world of talents at our fingertips, AITEK can help maximise your time, delivering tailored strategic staffing solutions for all positions, and connecting your firm with the industry’s most competent candidates.


At various stages of companies’ development, challenges and obstacles often hinder progression. Here at AITEK, we provide Practice Incubation and Acceleration services that help businesses of all sizes, regardless of start-ups or established consultancies, foster innovation, growth, and employment in their jurisdiction.

In this program, our expert team of business strategists conducts objective and detailed analysis for our clients, from sound advice on the evolving drivers of success in the global economy, to the critical interconnectivity between entrepreneurship, technology and long-term economic performance. A bespoke and strategic combination of business development processes involving an array of administrative, business advice and technical services, will be developed to help our clients launch, nurture and scale their company towards sustainable growth.

Whether you are stuck in the trenches of operations or facing other challenges in accelerating in your business, AITEK ensures that your firm leaves our program financially viable and freestanding.


IT advancement has fundamentally altered the landscape of technology and businesses today. AITEK provides comprehensive smart solutions to help our clients stay close to their strategy, and at the same time, identify new strategic opportunities.

Our diverse team of developers fully understand our clients’ business processes and goals. Along with their extensive knowledge of the latest technologies, our in-house experts are capable of creating highly creative solutions and accelerating any business growth.

By automating processes and integrating innovative business applications, you can better monitor all aspects of your business. You can simultaneously improve efficiencies, execute fresh strategies and analyse performances from real-time updates. With such awareness and greater control over your business, which allows you to respond swiftly and appropriately to cope with the ever-changing market conditions.

At AITEK, we offer a broad spectrum of intelligent solutions to address every client’s needs. Regardless of how large or small your company is, we can tailor solutions to help you manage the business across various areas, such as financial services, sales, customer service and operations. Our IT solutions include but not limited to developing websites, web applications, system design, and other software that efficiently help our client gear up towards the future.

IT Services


Business Process Mapping

In today’s competitive business environment, the focus on optimising operations efficiency is greater than before. Inefficiencies in cost management and business processes can lead to higher overheads and lower performance levels, which inevitably hinder growth and sustainability.

Business process mapping is the strategic analysis of identifying and creating a detailed visual depiction of your company’s operations with the aim of recognising inefficiencies. A dynamic visual mapping of your entire business often makes it simpler to highlight breakdowns and realign operational systems for better efficiency.

At AITEK, we provide you with advanced and sophisticated business process mapping services to help identify both your company’s issues and best practice so you can implement new solutions to support your bottom line.

Corporate Training

As the bar for staying competitive in any industry is on the rise, companies need to enrich their human capital to remain on the competitive edge.

AITEK provides a broad range of well-designed, bespoke training programmes to cater to business organisations with varying training needs. With an accredited team of professional corporate trainers, we are committed to delivering solutions that are relevant to the dynamic changes in the business world. We ensure that all training translates into tangible results, such as increased productivity, higher workplace enthusiasm, improved job performance and greater staff retention.

Regardless of scale, our corporate training programs are specially tailored for companies of all sizes to meet any business challenges and dynamically transforming your workforce to handle market changes.


Application Production / Application Development & Integration

he technology landscape is perpetuallychanging, and more businesses are looking at bespoke solutions to stay ahead of the competition, lower overheads and improve operational efficiencies. At AITEK, we help transform your business process through technology, providing you with better engagement with your customers and employees.

Our expert IT engineers stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies to develop innovative applications to fulfil your unique requirements. Whether you wish to implement an enterprise cloud strategy or develop the next award-winning app, our team can build systems to cater to all diverse business models and specific processes. If your organisation has existing systems, AITEK is also able to help integrate them seamlessly with newly developed business systems.

Help Desk Support

Facing technical problems can be highly frustrating to end users, so having an efficient help desk is imperative to businesses both internally and externally. Having an in-house department team is costly so most companies outsource their help desk support to external providers. At AITEK, we provide your customers with 24/7, single point of contact for all their IT-related issues via a multitude of communication options, including phone, email, chat or other self-service functions through our user-friendly portal.

All our helpdesk agents are highly qualified and knowledgeable with all IT requests. With frequent refresher training and seminars, our agents can provide expert assistance to help your users resolve issues swiftly and efficiently.



While business applications help optimize efficiencies and execute new strategies, information management systems provide the ability to monitor a company’s on-going performance closely. By consolidating vast and voluminous data, these intelligent systems deliver predictive analysis reports that provide in-depth insights on how well you are doing and how to gear up towards the future. Our expert team of programmers at AITEK works closely with our clients to understand their business models and requirements, before creating sophisticated systems of measurable value for their performance tracking.
Functional and Technical upgrades focus on raising your business value through the implementation of up-to-date functions to maintain compatibility with the latest technological changes. Consistent updating also ensures that all bugs and errors are resolved, significantly reducing possible breakdowns and opportunity costs during system failures. Our expert IT agents here at AITEK will conduct regular checks and testing along with the updates so that your system is performing flawlessly.
In recent years, organisations are increasingly moving their on-premise software to cloud platforms, which result in hybrid models involving SaaS (Software as a Service) to become a norm. SaaS refers to a software deployment model where the application or the product, along with its associated data are centrally hosted but accessed via a thin client or web browser. More organisations are turning to SaaS for its broad range of benefits, such as the lack of setup costs, on-demand scalable upgrades, universal compatibility and accessibility. Here at AITEK, we have solid exposure to SaaS best practices and work on all leading cloud platforms, such as Google App Engine, Oracle, Amazon EC2 and Salesforce. Our expert team have help many multinational software companies enabled their SaaS deployment models, allowing streamlined connectivity and automation of the major business processes.
Big data analysis is the process of harnessing and analysing large data sets to uncover deeper insights, hidden patterns, unknown correlations, customer preferences, market trends and other crucial business information. These enterprise data allow expert data scientists, predictive modellers and other analytical professionals to help the organisation make more informed choices. In today’s competitive market, industry insights are necessary to make strategic plans to help companies stay above the competition. An increasing number of firms now recognise the value of Big Data analysis and turn to providers like AITEK to optimise their operations. At AITEK, we provide bespoke Data Warehousing, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence solutions to monitor the health of the distributed setup. With real-time monitoring, data management and predictive analytics, companies reap a whole array of benefits such as more effective marketing, improved customer service, better operational efficiency, new revenue opportunities and competitive advantages.



With higher attrition and critical hiring timelines, organisations may find themselves struggling with a lack of certain expertise for contract projects. With staff augmentation, companies can now have the flexibility to scale up or down based on their current project requirements, achieve faster time-to-market and significantly reducing training costs. AITEK Staff Augmentation services provide expertprofessionals with proven expertise and technical knowledge to support your IT project under your direction.
The ability to identify and craft strategic directions, adapt to changing conditions, talent development and operation efficiency is largely determined by your organisation’s leadership values and practices. Leadership culture is a pivotal and imperative aspect of any organisational culture for sustainable business growth. ATIKE leadership and cultural assessment is a specialised service to help corporations validate and compare candidates fairly, leading to a broad range of operational benefits. By cross-examining the collective capability of your leaders, you can change the pace in your environment accordingly to achieve maximum work performance. Through our sophisticated assessment process of intensive interviews and focus groups, we help uncover deeper insights into the effectiveness of your firm’s leadership teamwork, common practices, decision-making capability and openness to changes. With this detailed understanding of your management, AITEK can support you in raising the bar of leadership standards in your company.
If you have projects on hand that your existing employees may not have the time, resources or expertise to execute, AITEK have a large pool of talent to fulfil your needs anytime. Our expert team begins by conducting a thorough evaluation of your project needs and craft a bespoke strategy to help you meet your objectives. Besides providing contract staff with the required expertise, AITEK oversees the entire team’s timely on and off-boarding, technical training, knowledge transfers and other responsibilities in a transparent and efficient manner. No matter how large or complex your project scale may be, AITEK is well positioned to help you complete it successfully within your budget.